Loch Ness Monster Migrates to Norway?


 For over 250 years, there have been reports of a mysterious sea monster

 that lives in Seljordsvannet Telemark area.  But the gap has emerged images up to

"Monster," which is popularly called Selma.  Now, it managed a 17-year-old girl

on family trip to film the best ever images of the creature that nobody really knows what is.

 "We had visits from family from southern Norway, and they have called it

fantasy when we told you about the worm. They are now fully convinced,"

 says Gunvor Vefall whose daughter, Lisbeth, is behind the footage.  Gunvor

Vefall so first Selma in 1995, and her mother saw the first time in 1970.  "I hardly

 dare tell you that I have seen it. Would be made ​​fun of me," she says.  

The video shows a very long object in the water, which has about 40 to 50 humps on it.  

Søuhyret in Seljordsvannet has previously attracted both Discovery and the BBC.




 Even Birkeland and Eddy Dale was on a helicopter mission over

Lake Seljord in Norway in 2010 and became aware of something unusual

 in the lake. Birkeland and Dale works daily with documentation from the skies,

 both with line inspection, photography, film and environmental monitoring.

The company has 20 years experience in the air. Lately, they have worked on

 assignments from West Telemark Kraftlag to inspect the grid to the power supplier.

It was during this mission that Even Birkeland and Eddy Dale (November 11)

saw two large objects in the lake. As they flew by helicopter in the air above the lake

 was Eddy Dale aware of something moving in the water under them, something big that moved much water,