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World map of Lake

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Does this picture show the

Loch Ness Monster?

 Sept 16,2016


Did student spot Nessie ? Aug 8, 2016


Why Is That Undulating Blob Of

Flesh Inspecting My Oil Rig?


Ogopogo Lake Monster Captured

on Video in British Columbia


Russian Lake Monster

Nessky Search:

Divers Reach Bottom Of

Lake Labynkyr


Lake Murray Lake Monster

Appears Again


Weird 'sea monster' washed up on

Weston-super-Mare beach


Video which appeared to show

shark in Lake Ontario

an elaborate hoax


The story of Muskrat

Lake monster


Is the Loch Ness

monster dead?


The most convincing Nessie

photograph ever ?


Lake Hornindalsvatnet Norway

monster photographed

Lake Hornindalsvatnet is

the deepest in Europe with

depths up to 1686 feet.


Russian Fishermen Claim

Deadly Monster Roams

Western Siberian Lake


Bizarre Sea Monster Captured

By Deep-Sea Drilling Camera


New video of Alaska

sea monster


Kanas Lake Monster



Photo of Cameron

Lake monster ?


rebranding Nessie



Normandy Nessie


Jack Black

cryptozoology movie


Monster of deep washed

up on NE coast


Nessie on webcam ?


Robert Rines:

monster hunter



River monster


Weird Los Angeles:

The San Clemente

Sea Monster


Montack monster


$50,00 for pic of Pepie


Welsh Loch

Ness monster


Lake Van Monster CNN


China's Tianchi



Tahoe Tessie


carcass of sea creature




This list of lake and sea monsters is by no means complete. There are many other locations with sightings as well. Some of the more common explanations for monster sightings are : logs, otters (Giant Otters can grow up to 6 ft, the otter in this video appears to be a lake monster at first glance, giant sturgeons,giant catfish, and schools of fish. 


Could some lake and river monsters be plesiosaurs

long necked reptiles that lived during the Mesozoic Era and died out with the dinosaurs and the end of the Cretaceous with the KT mass extinction

65 million years ago ? While they were marine animals, some fossils have been found in what were then rivers .

However, how could a modern day plesiosaur live in northern latitudes such as Loch Ness and Lake Champlain ? It would have to be a mammal. Some suggest it may be a type of  basilosaurus , the elongated snake like ancestor of modern day whales and lived 35-40 million years ago. 


Another explanation for Nessie and other European lake monsters is that people are sighting a large European eel (Anguilla anguilla), which live in Loch Ness in large numbers.  The common European eel grows to a maximum length of about six feet or 1.8 metres in length. These eels are generally believed to spawn in the Sargasso Sea. The larvae  (Leptocephalus) drift towards Europe in a three-hundred-day migration . These eels have the ability to 'walk' on land up to 8 hours.


  Some look for an explanation in our own minds. It is all part of our collective unconscious and as the wave of ufo sightings in the 1950s reflect an underlying fear of the Cold War going hot and a wish for an otherworldly savior, lake monster sighting reflect a deep seated need for a monster to exist.  People expect and want to see them, so they do.


  Known Lake Monster hoaxes.

1934 hoax photo  
Famous 1934 photo of Nessie, later

admitted to be a hoax in 1994.


Click image for larger view .

1964 photo from Australia by Robert Le Serrec. Probable hoax with sheet plastic placed underwater. Still a cool photo.


2002 Nessie hoax photo

The Silver Lake, New York hoax, 1850s. Proved to be a hoax when the local hotel burned down, revealing a fake monster to draw tourists to the lake, which it did in great numbers.





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