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monster spotter's guide
Monster Spotter's Guide of North America

Guide to hairy monsters, flying monsters, lake monsters, reptilian humanoids and other unexplained phenomena in North America.

sea monster

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sea monsters 3d
Sea Monsters in 3D
National Geographic documentary about prehistoric sea creatures using amazing 3D animation.
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Lake Monster Movies


lost world
The Lost World 1925
Film adoption of Authur Conan Doyle's book.
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Incident at Loch Ness  2004
Documentary by Werner Herzog Pushing the boundaries of the documentary format, Incident at Loch Ness points out the way that "truth" is often misconstrued.
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water horse
The Water Horse Legend of the Deep 2008
A boy and his baby Nessie
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Sea Monsters:

A Prehistoric Adventure video game

a video game for the , Nintendo DS, and PlayStation 2 based upon the National Geographic film


Lake Monster Mysteries

The most up-to-date, definitive, scientific assessment of the evidence for and against the existence of lake monsters



Cameron Lake monster ?


The Field Guide to

Lake Monsters and

Sea Serpents



History's Mysteries:

Monsters of the Sea

History's Mysteries investigates strange and ongoing reports of sea monsters, including "Champ", the legendary mammoth of Lake Champlain; the New England sea serpent first sighted at Cape Ann in 1639


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