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Lake & Sea Monsters

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Ålesund Norway
Large snake-like creture sighted eating a whale carcass, 1999.




The Loch Ness monster of Georgia said to inhabit the Altahama River, also called Ha-Ha. The Tama Indians of the area have a legend of a large, snake-like creature. Reports of a 'big snake' continued into modern times. Reported to be 1- to 30 feet long, with a snout,flat tail,dorsal fin with the thickness of a man's body and swims with an undulating motion.

Bear Lake Monster
 Alligator like creature reported in Bear Lake, on the Utah-Idaho border


Bessie is described as a gray, snakelike create that inhabits Lake Erie, first sighted in 1817 and is about 20~30ft long . Sighting have been recorded as far back as 1898 .Some believe it may be a huge sturgeon . The American Hockey League team from Cleveland, the Lake Erie Monsters, is named after Bessie. Possibly a large sturgeon. Lake Erie was known as the caviar capital of America till the sturgeon were almost fished out of existence there, but is slowly making a comeback.

Black River Monster
Black River, New York.eel-like creature sighted about 15 feet long with fins



Unexplained sound recordings by undersea microphones used to track submarines. A 1997 bloop was detected 3,000 miles apart, louder than any known animal.

Listen to the bloop



A resident monster in Benyok, at Lake Bronso ( Бросно ), 250 miles northwest of Moscow .There have been Brosnie sightings for 150 years . Legends about it date back to the 1200s. 



A large, hairy lake monster with a horselike face of ancient Aboriginal folklore that is said to live in Lake George and Lake Bathurst, Australia . Many sightings in the 1830s with scant modern reports.

Fun Bunyip song from an old Aussie  kid's show, where the Bunyip is the boogeyman



A large snakelike creature seen from the coast of Alaska to Oregon, Most sightings are close to Vancover Island .reports of the creature go back to pre-Columbian times, with some Indian petroglyphs seeming to depict the creature . Some scientist say there is enough evidence to give it the scientific name Cadborosaurus willsi.

New video of Caddy

Caddy video Caddy tv special

Caddy video with photos of possible Caddy from the stomach of a whale found in 1937



A marine sea monster sighted off Casco Bay, Maine.Many reports from the late 1770s, however, like the Gloucester Sea Serpent, there have been few sightings recently. more info

Cameron Lake, British Columbia

Sightings in Cameron Lake, BC Canada.


Lake Catemaco

Lake Catemaco, Mexico. Snake-like creture sighted.


Changbai Mountain Lake Monster, China


Some have claimed to have seen something in the caldera of Changbai shan/Baekdu mountain between North Korea and China.

 Changbai video


Lake Chany Monster

Lake monster in Russia named Nesski, claimed to have killed 19 fishermen . Chany Lake is 770 miles long and is sited in the central Barabinsk steppe region of West Siberia. This lake is counted amongst the largest freshwater lakes of Russia.



an image of Chessie from the 80s video

Chessie is a serpent-like creature said to inhabit Chesapeake Bay. A famous 1982 video by Robert Frew shows a large, snakelike creature



Champ, is the Lake Champlain monster .Reports of a large creature in the lake go back to 1609, the local indians call it chaousarou.Lake Champlain is the largest body of water in the US after the Great Lakes .

 champ video 1

 ABC story on champ

1985 video of champ

2009 video

a study of the above video

investigating the famous Champ photo


Chiemsee, Germany

Reports from Chiemsee, the largest freshwater lake in Bavaria, known as the Barvarian Sea.

Colossal Claude
Creature sighted in the Columbia River, Oregon


Con Rit - Great sea Centipede

Con rit is the Vietnamese word for millipede, the name for a snakelike creature of the coast of Vietnam .A con rit was reported to have washed ashore in 1883 that was 60 feet long and 3 feet wide in Along Bay, Vietnam. Some have speculated that it is the inspiration for the Asian dragon symbol. 



Daedalus sighting


In 1848, the year europe was being rocked by revolutions, a sighting by several officers on the HMS Daedalus caused a sensation . On Aug 6th the Daedalus was sailing near the Cape of good Hope when a midshipman saw something advacing rapidly torward the ship . He told the ship's officers and seven men, includuding Captain Peter M'quhae saw what they described as a huge sea serpent . The visible part of the creature measured more than 60 feet, but only seemed to be 15 inches in diameter .It's color was dark brown and had some sort of mane . It did not undulate as a serpant on the water .The sighting caused a sensation when it was reported in the press .


Lake Dakataua monster

A lake monster called Migo by the natives  said to inhabit Lake Dakataua in New Britain . A Japanese film crew filmed a blurry creature while investigating in 1993.


Danau Poso, Indonesia

Giant eels reported
Danau Poso monsters or underwater ufo base ?

The Denbigh Dinosaur

A creature seen in a llyn (lake) close to  Denbigh, Wales.


Dobhar Chu

A legendary creature that is said to inhabit the lakes of Ireland, that is reported to have killed a woman in 1722, according to her gravestone . Possibly a giant otter. more info

Flathead Lake Monster

A creature that is said to live in Flathead Lake in Montana .Reported to be over 10 feet long with humps .First sighted in 1889 and even figured into an episode of the X-Files . more info

 Flathead video



In 1960, a huge fleshy mas 18x20ft washed ashore Tasmania and was estimated to have weighed 5~10 tons. Recent studies of samples have shown it to be a whale


 Gloucester Sea Serpent

In the summer of 1817and continuing  through the 19th century, there was a spate of reports of a large sea serpent 60ft to100ft  long on the New England  coast and became called the 'Glocester Sea Serpent.'Some have speculated that overfishing led to the demise of these serpents as there have been very few reports in the last 50 years .more info


Great Salt Lake Monster

Moster sighted  at the

Great Salt Lake, Utah in 1904


Hawkesbury River, Australia

Reports of a plesiosaur-type creature during the last 30 years and depictions found in nearby ancient old Australian Aboriginal Rock Art  . more info


Hrosshvalr or Hrosshvalur

A mythical creature  in the Norse society of  Iceland that appears as early as  the 12th century, the Hrosshvalr (horse whale) was considered especially viscous .

Howick Lake Monster

Called Inkanyamba by local tribes and part of legends for thousands of years, said to inhabit Howick Falls Lake, South Africa.

Howick Falls Lake monster video



Unfortunately, there have been no hydra sightings since Heracles killed the Lernaean Hydra in his 12 labours.




A seallike creature seen in Lake Simcoe, Ontario.Also seen on Muskrat Lake

 video of Canadian Lake Monsters    more info




Lake Ikeda (池田湖) Kyushu Japan. Photo taken in 1978, a snake-like creature about 45 feet long. more info

Lake  & Sea Monsters

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Kanas Lake Monster, Xingjiang China

Nessie type creature seen in Lake Kanas in China's far west
Report from Chinese news  more info


Lake Kokkol, Kazakstan
Large snake-like creature reported  more info

Lake Khaiyr creature

A black, longed-necked creature is said to inhabit Lake Khaiyr in Siberia, first reported in 1964, later questioned as a hoax.  more info  more



 Lake Kussharo (屈斜路湖), Hokkaido the largest caldera lake in Japan.Hokkaido, Japan. Famous sighting in 1972, said to be 60 ft long with humps


Iliamna Lake Monster

Lake monster Iliamma Lake in southern Alaska, the largest fresh water lake in Alaska . Possibly a a giant sturgeon . Accounts of the creature in Aluet Indian legend go back centuries.  more info


Lake Labynkyr monster
A black, longed necked creature with humps located in Siberia, said to eat reindeer


Wolf-like animal reported in the 1970s in Lake Coleridge, New Zealand

Loch Lomand monster


Lomand monster

A large alligator like creature has been sighten in Loch Lomand where it is much too cold for one to exist. Loch Lomand is the largest freshwater loch in Scotland.


Loch Ness Monster

From 1933 onward, a picture has emerged from investigations of reports of large animals in the loch having existed for centuries.The earliest known report is said to be found in the Life of St. Columbia by Adamnan, written sometime during the 7th century. It describes how in 565 Columba saved the life of a Pict, who was being supposedly attacked by the monster

 Nessie under boat video

 Nessie video-nice Loch Ness footage 

Amateur Scientist Films Loch Ness Monster

1936 movie

1960 video

 more info

Lough Eske Monster

Lough Eske, Ireland sighted in the 1980s, possibly a seal.  more info



Large sea monster reported in the Caribbean. Many  reported near the Blue Holes, Bahamas.



Lake monster in Lake Manitoba .Described as being 30 feet long and brown . 

video   starts at 4:38

more info



Lake Memphremagog Vermot, Quebec border Loch Ness type creature sighted

more info


Mishipizheu is the name given lake monster or underwater panthers said to inhabit Lake Superior by the Ojibwe Indians.
video of an ancient pictrograph of Mishipizheu


Montauk Monster

The identity of this creature, which reportedly washed up in Montauk New York beach and dubbed the 'Montauk Monster' last month, has captivated the internet and is dividing animal experts. According to some experts, it is the body of a rare raccoon . According to one of the first people to find it,Christina Pampalone,  it was about 3 feet long .Some of the rumours about it are that it was created in a government lab on nearby Plum island or a sea turtle without a shell .To complicate matters, no one seems to know exactly where the mysterious 'monster' is now more info

 montack monster video



Lake monster seen in Loch Morar, close to Loch Ness . Sightings dating back to 1887.

more info



Muskrat Lake,Ottawa seal like creature reported  more info



For more than 200 years, there have been reports of a ' monster ' in central Africa in the Ubangi, Sanga and Ikelemba Rivers and Lake Tele. Mokèlé-mbèmbé is the name given to a large creature reported to live in the lakes and swamps of the Congo River basin.it has been suggested that the creature might be a dinosaur such as a brachiosaur or a stegosaur which survived extinction . It may also refer to many different creatures.Several expeditions have been sent into what is now Zaire, with no conclusive photographic or physical evidence . Though the "living dinosaur" theory for Mokele-mbembe might be the best-known explanation, it has seen very little support from mainstream scientists. The latest expeditions to the area were by two Japanese teams in 1978 and 1992 and reported seeing a larged animal. The civil wars in Zaire have cancelled more recent planned expeditions in Zaire and shifted attention to the Cameroon, where the creature is known as la Kela-bembe.  more info

 Mokele video


Muck Monster

Lake Worth Lagoon, West Palm Beach Florida




A lake monster in Nahuel Huapi Lake in Argentina, with reports going bake to the 1920s . more info

Nahuelito videos

Normandy Nessie

Long snake-like creature seen in the canals of Madeira Beach, Florida




The largest fish in the ocean, found in all tropical seas, has been found up to 17 m or 56 feet.  The occasional beachings of oarfish after storms, and their habit of lingering at the surface when sick or dying, make oarfish a probable source of many sea serpent tales.

videos of giant oarfish



A creature that is said to live in Lake Okanagan, British Columbia . more info

 Ogopogo video

another Ogopogo video

Mysterious World video

Lake Pend Oreille

There have been reports of a large, fast moving object in the waters of Lake Pend Oreille in Idaho since the 1940s. Some suggest it could be a large sturgeon, which can grow  12 feet in length. The U.S. navy tests submarine models in the lake due to its great depth, which could account for some sightings. more info
photo and story

Lake Payette
Another deep lake in Idaho, USA has reports of a lake monster called Sharlie.



Pepie is a lake monster said to inhabit Lake Pepin, the largest lake on the Mississippi in Minnesota

tv news story on Pepie



Pressie, large eel like creater in Lake Superior


San Francisco Bay monster

large snake-like creature seen since the 1980s



Seljordormen or Seljord worm

Lake Seljord, Norway monster , Monster in Seljord mentioned in written sources since the mid 1700s .

story and pic


An eel-like creature sighted in lake Lake Seljordsvatnet, Norway  more info



Animal depicted on the Ishtar Gate in Babylon (6th cent BC), the only unknown animal depicted on the gate

Skrimsels or Skrimsl

Reports of a humped, 40 foot creature lake monster since or a large worm-like creaturesince  1345 in Lake Lagarflot, Iceland.


Solimões River Peru

Explorer Franz Schmidt reports large elephants sized tracks and encountering a creature 35 feet long in 1907.


Songhua Lake, China

In Jilin, China, close to the Changbai area sightings .Sightings of a creature since the 1950s about 30 feet long, with a flurry of sightings in 1999.In 1992 a soldier visiting the lake on leave reported being attacked by a dragon like creature.




Sweden's most famous lake monster,in Lake Storsjon. with hundred of reported sightings, with reports going back as 1635. Also called Storsie.

Storsjoodjuret vid




Lake Bala, Wales



Snakelike creature in Lake Tahoe

more info



A large, hairy creature, with skin like a polar bear and a trunk, that washed on a South African beach in 1922. Said to been 47 ft long and a have a shrimp like tail.

more info


Turtle Lake Monster

Turtle Lake Saskatchewan, Canada. Creature is said to have a horse-like head.

more info

Lake Utopia Monster
ossibSighted in Lake Utopia, New Brunswick. Described by local Micmac Indians  as a ferocious serpent . Many sightings in the 1800s led to a local group to try to capture it in 1870 with large nets, with no result.


Lake Van Monster

Lake Van, Turkey

First reported in 1995.Said to be about 50 ft long. Video (left) was taken in 1997. Possibly a giant sturgeon

more info

 Lake Van videos



Lake Vättern, Sweden

Volkhov River Monster

Creature seen in the Volkhov River in Novgorod, Russia. 


Lake Vorota
Another black, long-necked creature about 30 feet long said to inhabit remote Lake Vorota in Siberia. A scientific team sent in the early 1960s reported seeing humps in the water. more info and other Siberian lake monsters

White River Monster
White River, Arkansas. According to legend, a large creature rammed the hull of a Confederate riverboat carrying several million dollars in gold during the American Civil War, causing the riverboat to sink. Described by a witness in 1937 as  large white creature 12 to 65 feet in length  with body of an alligator and a face  elephant seal.

more info



Largest natural lake in England, sightings of an eel like creature, sometimes called Bownessie . more info

Windermere videos


Zhangke River, Sichuan China


 Lake and sea monster news


Why Is That Undulating Blob Of Flesh Inspecting My Oil Rig?


Ogopogo Lake Monster Captured on Video in British Columbia


Russian Lake Monster Nessky Search: Divers Reach Bottom Of Lake Labynkyr


Lake Murray Lake Monster Appears Again


Weird 'sea monster' washed up on Weston-super-Mare beach


Video which appeared to show shark in Lake Ontario an elaborate hoax


The story of Muskrat Lake monster


Is the Loch Ness monster dead?



The most convincing Nessie photograph ever ?


Lake Hornindalsvatnet Norway monster photographed

Lake Hornindalsvatnet is the deepest in Europe with depths up to 1686 feet.


Russian Fishermen Claim Deadly Monster Roams Western Siberian Lake


Bizarre Sea Monster Captured By Deep-Sea Drilling Camera


New video of Alaska sea monster

Kanas Lake Monster photograph

Photo of Cameron Lake monster ?

rebranding Nessie

Normandy Nessie

Jack Black cryptozoology movie

Monster of deep washed up on NE coast

Nessie on webcam ?

Robert Rines:monster hunter

Hawkesbury River monster

Weird Los Angeles:

The San Clemente Sea Monster

Montack monster

$50,00 for pic of Pepie

Welsh Loch Ness monster

Lake Van Monster CNN

China's Tianchi monster

Tahoe Tessie

carcass of sea creature

This list of lake and sea monsters is by no means complete. There are many other locations with sightings as well. Some of the more common explanations for monster sightings are : logs, otters (Giant Otters can grow up to 6 ft, the otter in this video appears to be a lake monster at first glance, giant sturgeons,giant catfish, and schools of fish. 


Could some lake and river monsters be plesiosaurs

long necked reptiles that lived during the Mesozoic Era and died out with the dinosaurs and the end of the Cretaceous with the KT mass extinction

65 million years ago ? While they were marine animals, some fossils have been found in what were then rivers .

However, how could a modern day plesiosaur live in northern latitudes such as Loch Ness and Lake Champlain ? It would have to be a mammal. Some suggest it may be a type of  basilosaurus , the elongated snake like ancestor of modern day whales and lived 35-40 million years ago. 

Another explanation for Nessie and other European lake monsters is that people are sighting a large European eel (Anguilla anguilla), which live in Loch Ness in large numbers.  The common European eel grows to a maximum length of about six feet or 1.8 metres in length. These eels are generally believed to spawn in the Sargasso Sea. The larvae  (Leptocephalus) drift towards Europe in a three-hundred-day migration . These eels have the ability to 'walk' on land up to 8 hours.

  Some look for an explanation in our own minds. It is all part of our collective unconscious and as the wave of ufo sightings in the 1950s reflect an underlying fear of the Cold War going hot and a wish for an otherworldly savior, lake monster sighting reflect a deep seated need for a monster to exist.  People expect and want to see them, so they do.

World map of Lake and Sea monsters

Known Lake Monster hoaxes.

1934 hoax photo  
Famous 1934 photo of Nessie, later admitted to be a hoax in 1994.

1964 photo from Australia by Robert Le Serrec. Probable hoax with sheet plastic placed underwater. Still a cool photo.

an animation

2002 Nessie hoax photo

The Silver Lake, New York hoax, 1850s. Proved to be a hoax when the local hotel burned down, revealing a fake monster to draw tourists to the lake, which it did in great numbers.

monster spotter's guide
Monster Spotter's Guide of North America

Guide to hairy monsters, flying monsters, lake monsters, reptilian humanoids and other unexplained phenomena in North America.


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sea monsters 3d
Sea Monsters in 3D
National Geographic documentary about prehistoric sea creatures using amazing 3D animation.
watch trailer

Lake Monster Movies

lost world
The Lost World 1925
Film adoption of Authur Conan Doyle's book.
Watch online. at silentmovies.info


Incident at Loch Ness  2004
Documentary by Werner Herzog Pushing the boundaries of the documentary format, Incident at Loch Ness points out the way that "truth" is often misconstrued.
watch trailer

water horse
The Water Horse Legend of the Deep 2008
A boy and his baby Nessie
watch trailer

Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure video game a video game for the , Nintendo DS, and PlayStation 2 based upon the National Geographic film


Lake Monster Mysteries

The most up-to-date, definitive, scientific assessment of the evidence for and against the existence of lake monsters


Cameron Lake monster ?


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Lake Monsters and

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The Lost City of Z 

In 1925, legendary explorer Percy Fawcett ventured into uncharted realms of the Amazon jungle in order to discover "The Lost City of Z," an ancient civilization that he believed could have been the basis for the mythical El Dorado. Fawcett and his party disappeared, never to be heard from again. Eighty years later, David Grann, an ordinary reporter for The New Yorker, uncovered Fawcett's diaries and found himself compelled to follow in the footsteps of the intrepid adventurer. An inspiration for The Lost World and Indiana Jones



History's Mysteries:

Monsters of the Sea

History's Mysteries investigates strange and ongoing reports of sea monsters, including "Champ", the legendary mammoth of Lake Champlain; the New England sea serpent first sighted at Cape Ann in 1639

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